Valentine’s Day Gifts For $150 Or Less

February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts For $150 Or Less

Max and ChloeKris Nations Gold Heart Cluster Cuff – $80

Awe…Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It is a time to express our love and appreciation for each other (and ourselves). Of course, we don’t have to gift material goods to show that we care about someone but, why break with tradition, right?! In terms of fashion, when a significant other wants to buy a gift for you, they are usually aiming for one of two reactions. Either the gift recipient is going to use the item often because she loves it and it works well with her everyday wardrobe or the gift triggers such an enthusiastic response that they may even be inspired to create an outfit around the gift. Since your loved ones are not mind readers and we have already decided that we don’t want to break with tradition, it would probably be helpful to share with them examples of specific types of items you like and will actually use.

So – without further ado – here are some beautiful pieces of jewelry that you may wish to request for Valentine’s Day. I decided to focus on necklaces, bracelets and earrings solely because rings often have stronger inferences (possibly too complicated).

I also focused on providing two options within each of these categories to demonstrate that when you are attracted to specific design details in a piece of jewelry, you can look for these features in both a simple and elegant piece that works perfectly as a classic staple accessory for your everyday wardrobe. Or you can find a show-stopper piece that gives you (and everyone that sees it on you) that Wow! feeling. Both authentic reactions are the gift giver’s goal!

I also paid attention to price. Obviously, jewelry can be found at varying price points but I tried to stay under $150 (well, $158 to be exact!) for this year’s Valentine gift-giving holiday.



ShopbopGorjana Diamond Coin Necklace – $108

This lovely Diamond Coin Necklace by Gorjana still makes a statement in spite of its small size. A really nice feature is the combination of the 18K gold-plated metal which subtly blends into the skin tone and the reflective light coming from the miniature pavé crystals embedded in the dark metal coin pendant. This combination delivers a necklace that is present and lush yet not overtly obvious. These attributes equal sophistication. Additionally, depending on the width/thickness of one’s neck, the length of this necklace is just right and should rest at a flattering spot right between the collar bones.



ShopbopMadewell Twisted Chain & Rhinestone Teeth Necklace – $98

Madewell designed a gorgeous multi-chain crystal adored statement necklace which is so ‘on trend’ this season. It has more pronounced designs elements that we found attractive in the Gorjana necklace – mixed metal and crystals. This multi-chain necklace can easily be worn to add a very contemporary aspect to an otherwise classic ensemble or to add a rocker vibe to a weekend look. I am particularly attracted to this specific piece because it can actually be worn by so many women of all ages and its length is quite nice unlike so many of the unflattering choker styles. Plus it is just a fun and fresh accessory to wear!



SundanceNew Bloom Bangle Bracelet – $158

Thin, feminine, sophisticated, cost-conscious bangle bracelets are difficult to come across so when I do I am thrilled to share the news. Here is a great one from Sundance called New Bloom Bangle Bracelet. I chose this particular one because it not only met my other criteria listed but I thought its nature-inspired design elements (it is handcast from actual twigs) were interesting and yet could still be worn in many professional environments. Plus, this charming bracelet can easily be mixed and worn together with other bracelets. It is also a wonderful simple stand alone piece. Aren’t options wonderful?!



Max and ChloeEmily Elizabeth Jewelry Polished Adjustable Fern Bangle – $125

This ornate cuff bracelet by Emily Elizabeth is inspired by nature too. I am drawn to this cuff because it is very delicate looking yet still makes a fashionable impact. Plus, it too could be layered with other bracelets or worn solo with an outfit giving this fern bangle bracelet opportunity to be utilized for a variety of occasions. Compliments are sure to follow!



Max and ChloeJanna Conner Gold Mini Pear Sarotte Onxy Earrings – $103

I chose these lovely black onyx and gold plated earrings designed by Janna Conner as a Valentine’s Day gift because they exude a simple yet striking style statement and could be worn on a regular basis. Another particularly attractive feature is the length which measures only ½ inch. A classic and polished earrings design in a flattering short drop length at a low price point is very challenging to find! I highly recommend snatching any up when you see them.



FragmentsMiguel Ases – $155

These gorgeous Miguel Ases gold and oxidized silver hoop earrings display a more elaborate version of some of the attractive design features we discovered in Janna Conner drop earrings. The mix of dark and light colors is modern and attractive. Plus, these could be worn on a variety of occasions for many women’s lifestyles.

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that you have received for Valentine’s Day? Do you enjoy receiving jewelry for V-Day? Let me know what you get for the holiday this year – especially if you got what you wanted!

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  • Kristina, your Valentine Day gift suggestions are really gorgeous! and well-priced. Thank you for finding these for us 🙂