Want To Look Rich, Happy & Hot?

May 5, 2011

Want To Look Rich, Happy, & Hot

Well, like me, you would probably prefer to BE Rich, Happy & Hot.

Two ladies who are taking the internet marketing space by storm and rockin’ it are online mavericks, Marie Forleo (above, left) and Laura Roeder (above, right). If you don’t know who they are yet, you should definitely check them out. They are not only educating us gals on very dynamic ways to evolve and promote our businesses online, but they are also actively living their business message. Both Marie and Laura really are rich, happy and hot!

In addition to their smart and jam-packed business guides designed to make us rich at the same time as they are happily fulfilling their mission to make our dreams come true, we can see how Marie and Laura dynamically show they mean business. We want to look hot too, right?!

It is quite evident both Marie and Laura take dressing for success seriously. Through their popular promotional videos, educational seminars, and other business endeavors, they give their audience a multi-sensory experience that attracts and keeps our attention! Without-a-doubt they understand that if you look hot, we are more inclined to listen to them.

It is evident Marie and Laura understand their target audience and so they also attend to their surroundings, especially backdrops when dressing on-the-job. Plus, they put together contemporary, fashion-forward outfits that are authentic to each of them. The attention to detail is very effective.

Marie is based in the East Coast and often combines chic, structured and more refined pieces while Laura, who lives on the West Coast, opts for a casual cool yet polished look. Each select modern, well-fitted tops, blazers, and dresses in flattering, lush, and inviting colors that resonate well in front of an audience, particularly on-camera. Layering each outfit with delicate, feminine, and fun jewelry adds subtle sheen and some razzle-dazzle. Both Marie and Laura’s professional styles work because they are appropriate and authentic to them.

Marie and Laura have become their own brand ambassadors. They are walkin’ the talk and really do show us how to be Rich, Happy and Hot. Dressing the part is a skill they have mastered.

Join Marie and Laura as they open the doors today to their highly acclaimed program Rich, Happy & Hot B-School. When we sign up to find out more info about the program, we get full access to a series of fun, free videos they have put together that offer some valuable insights.

Top image: screen shot from “Instant Money Maker”.

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