Wear To Work: Spring’s Top Trends

March 26, 2014

Wear To Work: Spring’s Top Trends | CorporateFashionista.com

Be gone, polar vortex.

It’s time for sunny skies, warm weather, and a fresh spring look.

One of the easiest ways to make this seasonal style transition is to begin incorporating simply one spring-theme piece into your work and weekend outfits. You’re welcome to add more as weather permits.

And what better way to jumpstart the process, then by wearing one of spring’s hottest new fashion trends.

Of course, not every trend will be work appropriate. But! There are plenty that do work for work. The trick is to opt for a moderate take on the trend without omitting its very essence. Adjust accordingly to your specific taste, as well as whether you have a conservative, creative or casual work environment.

Here’s some of spring’s top trends to get you started today:

  • MODERN PASTELS: From outerwear to handbags to nail polish…classic staples in powdery hues dominate the spring season. Think fresh sorbet colors – lavender, primrose yellow, pale pink, soft peach, sky blue, mint green, and so on. Tip: If you fall in love with a pastel color, but find that it’s not personally flattering…try pairing it with a richer, saturated hue in the same color family to counterbalance (ie. peach + orange; mint + grass green, etcetera).

  • PERFORATED MATERIALS: This spring season, you’ll find a variety garments and accessories with puncture holes. Hole shapes vary – circles, squares, droplets, florals, and more. As do materials. Go for a pair of perforated leather pumps, flats or sandals; make your go-to spring bag a perforated one; or try a lightweight eyelet cotton or leather skirt; and on weekends play around in a sporty mesh top. Tip: Make sure shoe leather is supple for comfort and try to find perforated apparel that has a built in underpinning to avoid the hassle of trying to find the ideal one.

  • WHITE ON WHITE: A styling trend this season where the clothes you wear are all-white. For example, white jacket + white top + white pants, white dress + white belt, or white blouse + white skirt. Tip: This year, complimentary accessories should be in a different color, such as nude, red, navy, sky blue, etcetera.

  • POINTY FLATS: Opt for classic skimmer flats or go for d’orsay flat designs that have a pointed toe. There are variety of styles from solids, to two-tone, to print versions. Tip: Avoid d’orsay styles if you’ve got flat feet or other foot ailments that need proper arch support.

  • LOW-HEELED SANDALS: Hooray! Sandals with a block or wedge heel measuring two-inches or less are on trend this season. This means there will be plenty of options available in stores – a godsend for those extra long days at the office. Save for weekend events if an open-toe style is a no-go at your office. Tip: Got short legs? Wearing a long skirt? Select styles with narrow straps to lengthen legline.

  • CROPPED JACKETS: Swap your trendy weekend crop top for a weekday cropped jacket this spring season. Blazers and bomber jackets are still on trend, but cropped jackets are making a comeback. Tip: Try collarless styles to avoid a boxy look. Crop lengths measure anywhere from mid-ribs to top of hip bones.

  • ARTFUL PRINTS: Fear not…your favored stripe, floral and global prints are going nowhere this spring season, but what’s new and fresh is art-inspired prints, such as bold brushstrokes, multi-hued digital designs, pop art, and more. Tip: Wear no more than two show-stopping pieces and keep the rest of your look simple. For example, an artful print skirt and pumps paired with a classically designed, solid-colored top.

  • GLAM METALLICS: Reflective metallics in multicarat gold, silver, bronze and jewel tone clothing and accessories are making a serious style statement this season. Tip: Not sure if you can get away with this high-voltage trend at the office? Test the waters with a traditional pair of pointy-toe flats or pumps in silver or try a subtle, shimmery, gold tone, lightweight spring sweater.

  • THE SHIRTDRESS: Shirtdresses are the quintessential spring office dress. The fashionable twist this season is its non-traditional design details. Try a classic collared, button-front, belted style with leather trimmings; or break further from tradition and go for a sleeveless, zipper-front design; or one in a contemporary print sans belt. Shirtdresses are available this season in a variety of fabric choices as well, from cotton to jersey to silk. Tip: Throw on a lightweight blazer as necessary for the office. Plus, use double-stick tape to avoid any potential button-front gaping issues.

  • BUCKET BAGS: Drawstring bucket bags are a fun spring trend. They’re available in a variety of sizes and materials. Taking this relaxed handbag style to the office all depends upon your office dress code. When in doubt, try a stiff, structured leather version. Tip: Select a bucket bag that has multiple handle options as well as removable and adjustable straps for optimum versatility.

  • MULES: A blast from the past…this season’s contemporary take on the slip-on shoe includes mules in minimalistic designs. The overall look is sleek and modern. Available in both closed-toe and peep-toe options and at varying heel heights. This is another stylish spring trend that may or may not work at your particular office. Try an extra conservative version and pair with pants if you’re not sure. Tip: Opt for designs that provide plenty structural support and non-slip interiors for weekday agility.

  • PLEAT SKIRTS: Pleats are also making a serious style statement this spring season…especially narrow accordion (aka. knife) pleat skirts. This trend can be enjoyed all week long…wear the midi and knee-length versions on weekdays and the maxi and mini versions on weekends. Tip: Keep your top tucked in or make sure it rests at the top of skirt waistband to keep the overall look, slimming.

  • WIDE-LEG BOTTOMS: Billowy culottes, long Bermuda shorts, flowy wide-leg pants are all on trend this spring season. Best for creative or casual work environments, otherwise wear on weekends. Tip: Got short legs? Create the illusion of longer legs while wearing these styles with the help of your shoes – either through heel height, color and/or design.

  • ANKLE-STRAPS: A carryover trend from fall. You’ll see single and multi ankle-straps on pumps, sandals and flats everywhere this spring. Tip: Narrow straps or nude color palettes are the key to lengthening the legline.


Do you find it challenging to incorporate fashion trends into your everyday workwear? What’s the biggest crux – office dress code requirements, lack of availability in appropriate styles, or something else?

Image credit: (Top) Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies. Graphics by Kristina Moore for Corporate Fashionista.

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  • Your tip to use double-stick tape to avoid any potential button-front gaping issues is genius. After years of trying to pin that gap, I can’t wait to try this. Love your blog!