What Every Working Woman Ought To Know About The Red Carpet

February 29, 2012

Did you watch the Oscars on Sunday?

Me too!

It got me thinking about what can a consummate professional woman, like you, take away from all the glitz and glam of the evening? I mean do we really have anything in common with these starlets?

Yes, we do! More than you probably realize. Here are my takeaways from these leading ladies; pros at walking the infamous Red Carpet:

  1. Be camera ready. Although your job may not be quite as image driven as the entertainment field, the developments in technology and social media have been game changers for all professionals. You just never know when an opportunity will arise to share your talents with the world. It is imperative to build a wardrobe that supports your endeavors from every angle.
  2. Have ‘go to’ brands and silhouettes. Academy Award winning actress, Octavia Spencer wore Tadashi Shoji throughout the awards season. Fashion insiders were wondering if she would be loyal to the brand on her big day at the Oscars. She was, but I think it goes beyond loyalty. Octavia felt confident this brand worked well on her body. And she was right! You, too, need to establish a few ‘go-to’ brands that you can always rely on for your professional wardrobe.
  3. Dress the part. Actresses do this all the time. It makes no difference whether she’s on or even technically off the job…she understands fashion is a business tool to be utilized at all times. For example, when she walks down the Red Carpet she knows this is an opportune time to show she will not be pigeon holed in her field. The leading lady takes charge of her career and presents an image that will lead to her next job…letting producers, directors, and casting agents see her in a new light. Do you want to lead a different department? Take on new responsibilities at work? Jump into a new field? Learn from these leading ladies and dress the part.

Have you ever thought about the Red Carpet in terms of business and how it relates to your career? Did you have any additional takeaways you would like to share with readers?

Image credit: all images via Style.com c/o Lester Cohen/WireImage (left: Michelle Williams and right: Jessica Chastain) plus Jason Merritt/Getty Images (center: Octavia Spencer).

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