What Everybody Ought To Know About The Classic Pair Of Drop Earrings

March 15, 2011

What Everybody Ought To Know About The Classic Pair Of Drop Earrings

Classic style choices do not have to look…b-o-r-i-n-g! Drop earrings can be a rewarding jewelry investment and a superb option for every professional woman. It’s important to be mindful of the selection process, so that we get the most bang for our buck.

A simple, classic, and flattering pair of drop earrings never goes out of style. Plus, they provide us with exceptional versatility. We invest in the luxury to wear them with most any outfit for both work and play all year round.

Key attributes include an uncomplicated modern design. The perfect pair of classic drop earrings appear youthful, not juvenile. To hit this mark, we need to consider personal and professional roles, responsibilities, and goals.

The best dimensions for a classic pair of drop earrings depend upon the length of our face, neck, and earlobes. Our goal is to wisely select a pair that visually lifts our facial features as opposed to a pair that unnecessarily elongate, drag, or droop our features. We want the observer’s attention to be drawn up to our cheekbones and eyes.

Those of us with large heads and round faces can choose drop earrings with bolder in-scale designs to wear on a daily basis. Most of us look best in one-inch drop earrings with smaller and more delicate designs.

It is ideal to wear lightweight, classic drop earrings to keep our pierced ear holes tight. However, there is a quick fix to hiding an enlarged piecing for those of us who have been experimenting with trendy heavy drop earrings over the years. Simply select a pair of drop earrings with post backings to cover the enlargement.

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Image: Gurhan Black Diamond & 24K Yellow Gold Droplet Earrings $1240 available at Saks.com

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