Why is it Important to Look Your Best in Business?

August 4, 2008

We’ve all heard that making a good first impression is ever so imperative particularly in terms of business relations. And it undoubtedly is. One way to accomplish this is through positive personal packaging. Today’s active professionals have the opportunity for first impressions on a daily basis and ultimately, you want that first impression to be the introduction to a lasting favorable impression. Impressing upon others the fact that you are dynamic, intelligent, confident, authentic and innovative is so vital!

But the audience that is probably even more important than bosses, business prospects or clients in making a memorable positive impression is you! Oftentimes, when you look your best you feel more confident and consequently, this encourages you to be more fully engaged in any situation whether it’s a presentation, a business luncheon, a round table brain-storming session or even a sales call. To get out there and go for it? Ironically, when you put effort into your personal packaging you actually have more of an opportunity to forget about how you look and to get on with more pertinent matters.

Looking your best is a major marketing tool in any business or profession and ultimately a demonstration of pride and faith in yourself. You are entitled! It’s not about being the most beautiful or handsome – it’s about sharing the “best” you! Life is too short to feel uncomfortable and hold yourself back from being all that you can be. You need to show that you mean business.

I will attempt to delve further into these topics in upcoming posts. I’m looking forward to it and I hope you are too. Stay tuned!

So, what are your thoughts? How valuable do you think it is to look your best on the job? Do tell.

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