Women Of Influence: Fashion Designers Who Dress Professionals

February 26, 2014

Women Of Influence: Fashion Designers Who Dress Professionals | CorporateFashionista.com
Last weekend, I did some TV binge-watching in order to finish Season 2 of Netflix’s, House of Cards.

I promise not to give away any secrets!

But I just have to share with you two resounding thoughts that I couldn’t shake, no matter how much the plot thickened…

First, the tailoring on Claire Underwood’s (Robin Wright) and all the female characters’ career clothes was impeccable. And, second, where in the world did the show’s costume stylist find all those sheath dresses with sleeves?!

Without question, each garment/outfit cost thousands of dollars and was custom fit. Darn, only in the movies, right?!

Hold on! Maybe not…

In addition to covering What To Wear to various professional conferences, my other regular series on Forbes is Designer Spotlight. Here I have the pleasure of interviewing fashion designers, many of whom are startups, who are truly passionate and dedicated to dressing the professional woman. Each is going to great lengths to create the holy grail for us…stylish, accessible, office-appropriate, quality clothes with affordable price points. They adamantly want you to look and feel your best in the marketplace – unlike House of Cards, no drama, just resolutions to your style needs.

If you’re already a Corporate Fashionista newsletter subscriber, then you may be up-to-date with these designer interviews. If not, sign-up – lots more coming your way! Or follow my articles directly on Forbes. Here is the growing list of fashion designers, brands and companies that need to be on your radar:

We all know the limitations of available fashions for professional and career women, but we don’t talk about it for fear of being seen as frivolous. But many of these new designers are taking style seriously as a professional tool and breaking new ground. Let’s have an open discussion about what we are unhappy with, so we can participate in the new revolution in professional style.

Image credit (top to bottom; left to right): Designers Nicole Miller, Nicole Miller; Dorie Golkin and Emelyn Northway, Of Mercer; Rebecca Matchett, TrioFit; Jennifer Hyman, Rent The Runway; Keri McCarthy Ferry, 25Bedford; Francesca Helina, Live The Look; Jessica Gold Newman and Catherine Doyle, Dobbin Clothing; Maria Pinto, M2057; and Sarah LaFleur, M.M. LaFleur. Graphics by Kristina Moore for Corporate Fashionista.

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