Work Chic: 25 Winter Office-Worthy Outfits

November 13, 2013

Work Chic: 25 Winter Office-Worthy Outfits |

I always feel more confident when I know ahead of time what I’m going to wear.

You too?

Whether it’s during the work week or for an upcoming special business engagement, I’ve found planning ahead pays off. It’s all about being your best self…and my best self prefers to jumpstart the day or event feeling frazzled-free (at least as much as humanly possible!).

It’s easier if you let yourself be on the lookout for style inspiration. You’ll be able to quickly put together your work outfits the night before or at lightening speed in the morning. Whether it’s your co-worker, a woman you notice during your lunch break, a dear friend you spent time with over the weekend, magazines, blogs, wherever you can find style inspiration…it’s a good thing. When you’re visually inspired, I highly recommend you immediately take mental or digital style notes for easy reference.

I know you’re super busy, so I’ve gone ahead and put together a collection of wintry work outfits guaranteed to boost your career style confidence for you. These outfit ideas will have you looking chic and cozy all season long. Of course, you definitely may need to tweak some depending upon your specific work environment and responsibilities.

Take your winter career style to the next level, let the inspiration begin…


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Have you noticed there’s a tartan craze going on this season? I’m so onboard, especially after seeing Grace in her fashionable tartan suit! She’s styled it with the perfect statement necklace too – it not only compliments the suit, but its design is bold enough to redirect attention towards her beautiful face. (Stripes & Sequins)

Do you find a pre-planned work wardrobe boosts your confidence? Please share!

Image credit: (Top) Damsel In Dior. Graphics by Kristina Moore for Corporate Fashionista.

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  • Kristine

    Thanks so much! Lots of good inspiration!

  • So many of these don’t work in a Canadian climate lol… 🙁

  • Which style recommendations would be more helpful to you?

  • Ones that incorporate boots. Winter boots with pants, or two layers of tights… Winter boots that can withstand actual snow. Winter jackets that aren’t just for fashion, like Canada Goose jackets, ones that are bulky, not trenchcoats. The fashion shown here are more for autumn.

  • Ada

    Anything that can be worn in a -40 degrees Celsius, I guess, please, if you could. I live in Canada too and these will certainly not work for me. But I did get some nice ideas, thank you.